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No Dig Lawn Removal . . . . See How It’s Done

First, we covered a portion of the front-lawn with a light layer of compost:


Then, we covered that completely with wet cardboard:


Followed by another light layer of compost:


A covering of wood-chips were then added on top of that:


This process was repeated across the entire front-lawn:


After adding another layer of wood-chips across the entire area, we were finished!:


None of the tough Bermuda Grass will come through, and will rot down beneath the cardboard to further improve the soil.

Best of all . . . no digging was done, with far better results then trying to dig up Bermuda Grass!

Next, we will be putting in a pathway.


Wildflowering L.A. – A native wildflower seed planting initiative . . .

Wildflowering L.A. is a native wildflower seed planting initiative throughout Los Angeles County beginning in October 2013 by artist Fritz Haeg.

To find out more and how to participate go here:


A Wonderful Thankyou from Nvart Stepanian, Hill Ave. Branch Librarian

” . . . .I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today at the Hill Ave Branch Library. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time.

You are a very effective speaker and educator and you know how to explain in a friendly and understanding way. We had so many questions from our group because you were very approachable and you know about your art.

On behalf of the Hill Ave Branch staff and the Seed Library Team Members, thank you for a memorable presentation. . . ”


Used coffee grounds and seedlings

Placing used coffee grounds around seedlings keeps snails and slugs away (coffee grounds are poison to them), and they also help improve the growth of young seedlings by adding a good source of nitrogen to the soil.


Pasadena Hill Branch Library – Seed Starting Workshop (10/05)

Pasadena Hill Branch Library - Seed Starting Workshop (10/05)

The audience was very attentive and appreciative.

We all had great fun as we planted seeds together and shared our experiences with one another.