Monthly Archives: April 2014

Leigh Adam’s Fig Tree


I gave this fig tree start to my friend Leigh Adams – its amazing how well it is doing with a “heavy” wood mulch around it.  The logs retain water, keeping the soil moist and break down slowly over time – gently feeding the soil. An added bonus is that it deters animals from diggng around the fig tree.


Wasabi is Easy to Grow

Paul Gautschi shows us all how easy it is to grow Wasabi in woodchips.

A perfect sponge, woodchips store water in their cells and release it when plants need it.
This greatly reduces the need to manually water plants, and instead relies on the plants natural ability to draw or wick water from surrounding materials.

Thanks guys for the wonderful card.


Growing greens in the shade.


I like growing greens (like these beets) in the shade. They stay tender longer, and are slower to bolt.  These I actually grew from beets I picked from a Farmer’s Market.  Just planted them, and they started growing again. 🙂

Spring is Here


Sowing seeds in “pockets” between other plants in the garden


Sowing seeds (darker areas) in recessed “pockets” between other plants provide them an ideal environment for germinating, while taking advantage of smaller spaces in the garden.

Our Frontyard Garden


Settling in nicely.