Air Layered Zibibbo Grape Vine

Air layering – an ancient technique – is a propagation method where the branch or stem to be propagated stays where it is, and rather than being buried in the ground, is wrapped in a selected grow medium (in this case sphagnum peat moss) , where it will grow new shoots.

Air layering gives the benefits of producing plants genetically identical to the parent, along with quicker maturing plants – in this case, capable of producing fruit much earlier then if grown from a smaller and younger cutting.

The Zibibbo grape vine (white grape) is considered an “ancient vine”.  Wine experts believe it is one of the oldest genetically unmodified vines still in existence.


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Master gardener, specializing in small-space water-wise gardening. Other interests include . . . Community volunteering, work-shops, computers, reading, music, hiking, camping and fishing

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