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Growing More Basil . . .

Growing more Basil from cuttings is easy and fun. Just take a few Basil cuttings (3″ to 4″) and place in a clear glass cup of water.

Change the water in the cup every 2 to 3 days, and in about a week, roots will start forming along the stems.
The ones shown in the photo are ready for planting.

Keeping Basil plants pruned, along with planting them deeply, result in sturdy and bushy plants.
Happy Gardening.

Early morning, Wisteria Blooming . . .

Early morning photos of Wisteria blooming . . .






Nothing Beats the Rain . . .

Nothing beats rain water for really greening things up!

This patch of nasturtiums really enjoy it.

The Vigorous Chayote Squash


Chayote squash grow vigorously, require minimal watering, and produce a great tasting crincled-green pear-shaped fruit.

Save a few of the largest fruits for another season.

Lizards help keep your garden healthy.


Lizards are a good sign of a healthy garden. Anyone know what kind this one is?

Sedum and Bees


A bed of sedum (low growing succulent) provides a great accent in the garden, with minimum water and maintenace, along with encouraging a host of bees.

Newly planted Pakistani Mulberry

  • 20160402_111404.jpg

Rooting Plants from Cuttings – The Easy Way

Happy Easter


Collard Tree Cuttings

An excellent source of perennial calcium, collard tree cuttings are easy to root as the season gets warmer.