Happy Memorial Day

Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.


HollyWood Hibiscus

2′ High and Blooming Profusely! Absolutely Stunning!

Mother’s Day Planted Bearss Lime

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone. 🙂

Bearss Lime Update

Roughly 4 Months Growth, Good Spring Rains, Good Soil, Good Sun – Does Wonders.

The Miracle of Nasturtiums


Simple Way to Root Plants from Cuttings

For more great growing tips. Be sure to visit Mike’s website.

Zinnias and Marigolds

Happy Spring to everyone.

2023 – May 8
Marigolds and Zinnias off to a great start. Marigolds are currently “leading the pack”. 🙂

Zinnias and Marigolds

Happy Spring to everyone.

2023 – April 8
Even in their early stages, they begin to display their uniqueness; Marigolds have more delegate young foliage (on the left),
as opposed to the Zinnias (on the right) – with “thicker” initial leaf sets (cotyledons, embryonic leaf sets).

Newly Planted Bearrs Lime / Persian Lime

A cross between key lime and lemon, this lime variety does well potted, and can be kept between 6′ and 8′ when planted directly in the ground.

This variety is prolific, and will bear fruit when only a few feet in height. As an added bonus, the fruit is nearly seedless.

Hollywood Hibiscus 🌺

Newly planted and pruned back, will put on an additional 3′ to 4′ throughout the year.

Excellent for attracting hummingbirds.

We’ll see how they do, and provide updates.