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Watering your Citrus Trees – Avoid Fruit Drop

More often then not, it’s easier to underwater a citrus tree rather than doing it harm by over-watering.
Large amounts of leaves and fruit will often drop off when a citrus tree is stressed from not getting enough water.
This video demonstrates a great way to get an under-watered citrus tree back into great shape:


Pruning your Basil


Prune your basil plants to get them to bush out and develop a stronger root system. 

This plant came from a grocery store, growing in a peat pot with partial sunlight – it was very gangly, stretching for sunlight.

A bit of pruning has made it a much healthier plant.

Kale in the Shade


Like lettuce, collards and beets, I also grow Kale in the cooler areas of the garden. The leaves stay tender and sweet this way.