Indoor Sansevieria Arrangement

We have a cat which loves to dig . . . she doesn’t like the rocks,
and the rocks also help keep the moister in place.

This is watered – at most – once a month with distilled water.

Marcotting in 5 Steps

Pruning Fig Trees Properly

Ashitaba Propogation

Planting Spring Bulbs the Easy Way

Air Layered Zibibbo Grape Vine

Air layering – an ancient technique – is a propagation method where the branch or stem to be propagated stays where it is, and rather than being buried in the ground, is wrapped in a selected grow medium (in this case sphagnum peat moss) , where it will grow new shoots.

Air layering gives the benefits of producing plants genetically identical to the parent, along with quicker maturing plants – in this case, capable of producing fruit much earlier then if grown from a smaller and younger cutting.

The Zibibbo grape vine (white grape) is considered an “ancient vine”.  Wine experts believe it is one of the oldest genetically unmodified vines still in existence.


Spring Blooms – Lavender & Sedum

Colorful Lavender and Sedum blooming in the front-yard garden.

Mother HummingBird Sitting in Her Nest

Very fortunate in given the brief chance in taking this photo of a mother hummingbird sitting in her nest. The nest sits securely between two Ficus branches.


Citrus Tree Grafting Methods

Various grafting methods

Growing Onions in Southern. Ca.